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måndag 13 september 2010

Quick little color sketch.

So apparently Danny Boyle (28 days later 2002, Sunshine 2007...) directed "A life less ordinary" from 1997? I loved that movie as a kid, it was funny, eccentric and dramatic. It makes sense now that I think about it, the use of music and story-telling is the same, except more polished nowadays. I loved the use of R.E.M's "Leave" in it...

While I was at it, I discovered he directed "The Beach" as well. I recall a bunch of Leonardo DiCaprio fangirls swooning over it, but I never saw it. Maybe it's time? Not for DiCaprio (although he's grown into a good actor) but rather, for Boyle. Somehow, the movies that I've seen or heard of by him always seem to about some kind of journey to revelation(physical and mind).

Can't give all the credits to Boyle though, if he hadn't worked together with the writers and original creators in the first place, we wouldn't have these great movies.

Other little discoveries I made includes, twice in the movie "Kick-ass" (2010) the use of John Murphy's songs (from the "28 days later" and "Sunshine" soundtracks) are used. Each track accompanied by two very strong "Character "scenes featuring Big-Daddy and Hit Girl, which makes these two tracks seem like their image songs. It's debateable wether Joan Jett's "Bad reputation" goes well with Hit Girl too.

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